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im having a hard time right now.....so i saw these bts comic meme things and....let me show you....
i love them i want to find more but i dont now how......does anyone know where to find more of these
to be honest i really dont ship suga with anyone i ship him with his pillow hehe but...
...i love those like comics and they make me want to ship suga with jimin but then im like no but ughhhh
can some one please help me here........oh and what you guys think about them :[]
These sort of things are found more on Tumblr and Deviantart.com Be careful with Tumblr it is a pain to navigate and gets really weird really fast. Deviantart.com is my favorite place to go. Just type in BTS comics and something should pop up. Or you can Google it or Pinterest which is another favorite of mine. Just type The BTS comics into the search engines and you should get something. ^_^
I didn't ask for these feels. akdbwjjxbs😍😍
omg. suga ships 😍😍
I love suga
@StephanieDuong @B1A4BTS5ever Yeah I know how you feel because I ship tae with everyone too
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