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1) Always considered the third wheel of the Miami trio, Chris Bosh has been involved in trade rumors the moment he stepped foot in South Beach. James and Wade have always been considered untouchable, but Bosh has been linked with several trade rumors in hopes to bolster the weak Miami bench. However, it seems to be only a weak speculation that Bosh will indeed be taking his talents elsewhere. According to Marc Stein, "Miami isn't prepared to part with Chris Bosh, not only in a bow to that daunting history, but because it's not exactly comfortable from a player-relations perspective to break up a star trio that famously plotted its move to South Beach in unison in the summer of 2010." 2) With established knowledge that Rudy Gay is on the trade blocks, it seems that another suitor has emerged to absorb Gay's big contract. Guess who it is? It's the Bobcats. According to Hoopsworld's Steve Kyler, "You can go ahead and count the Charlotte Bobcats as one of the teams that are "aggressively" pursuing Rudy Gay" 3) It was always known fact that the Utah Jazz are thinking of moving either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap, and it seems that the Brooklyn Nets have showed interest. The Nets have looked into bringing in more talent for their front court to accompany Lopez (as Humphries has been supbar this season), and are interested in Millsap's talents. According to Sam Amico, the move to Brooklyn is "not likely, but hear they might make play for Millsap at deadline. RT @BrooklynNets11: Any of these likely to Nets? Nene, Boozer, Millsap?"
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this might be the dumbest move that the Heat do especially after their boast of how many rings theyd win