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The Struggle

Perfectly described. Absolute gold. Going out, whether it be for groceries or with somebody/people, requires a lot of preparation and, afterwards, a period of recovery. I find that for every hour I spend in public, I have to take around 3-5 hours for myself as rest. After about 2 hours out, I feel icky and drained and crave a hot shower, so I can curl up under my blankets and get back to reading, watching anime, or cuddling with my dogs in calm, orderly silence. Also, whenever I'm out with someone, they always ask me if I'm hungry or if I want to get something to eat, usually, I'll lie and say no, unless it's clear the other person is seriously in need of sustenance. In truth, I'm always hungry. I just don't feel like talking to somebody else or ordering in front of another person. There's too much energy expended. Plus, they'll usually want to go to a busy place, filled with a phalanx of babbling people, each trying to talk louder than those next to them, all tightly packed and bumping against each other....*shudders* horrifying haha Can anybody else relate? Or am I just a weirdo? Haha
@MissB82 That's true. For some reason, probably due to most people being creatures of habit who are suspicious of anything from the popular, people avoid the small markets which often have the better products, and as you say, it's usually local, which supports your own community, rather than some huge, money guzzling chain of people whose only goal is to make as much money as they can with flash "sales" and temporarily "reduced" prices. I do quite enjoy them, though. The owner(s) usually work the store themselves and it's a lot more friendly environment where you can see passion and sincerity. Very refreshing ^.^
Haha. No, I get it. And the in & out with no interactions stealth appeal. What they did here was installed the self serves. People were still using mainly the checkout operators. Not long after that, and it was sudden, they just cut the operators on all shifts to just 1-2 max checkouts open at a time. Even peak time. So I'm not kidding, it went from 'We're installing these alternative options because customers are important to us. Regular services will not be affected' to 'You have to use these. Oh, you didn't actually think we'd spend money installing them just to make our customers happier? But they have to shop here. And we know it'. So I take my business to best little convenient store & he gets local produce. I don't need packet aisle foods. And there's no line. :-)
Oh my God!!! This is gold! There's more of you out there?! All this time I thought I was the only one! Haha. I get strange looks if ever I try to explain it to anyone so I guess it must be weird. But I love my job teaching all day - alternative approach = awesome classroom, the gym is fine, and reason applies to all else. But even picturing stepping across that line into a supermarket, makes my soul shudder. Now avoidance and starvation until life depends on it is an extreme reaction for me. And it only developed about 4 years ago. So has made me think. My theory (in my case) is my subconscious manifesting physically in silent protest against being herded with the rest of the cattle. Everyone throwing around money they don't have on extra overpriced sh#t they don't need because mind control, I mean 'marketing', is in no way illegal because people's hands are not being 'forced'. Oh, except to serve themselves at the checkout because machines have replaced human operators (who we won't mention are now included in those rising unemployment stats)...and nobody blinks an eye. Mass sedation. Not me! :-) Now does that make you feel less weird? Lol.
i can totally relate. after eight hours working the last thing i wanna do is be around large groups of people. recovery
Four different cards* (oh, and stacks of coupons =_=)
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