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I was tagged by @glostick to do this and it looks really awesome. So here goes my awesome squad. "Our squad is your goals" - What me and my actual friends say.
Girl BFF - Amber She is just so fun to be around with and just an awesome person. We would be making funny IG and snapchat videos and all the food we will eat together!! Do I need anymore words to describe this Llama
Guy BFF - J-Hope If you know me well enough I always say Hoseok is my best friend. He is the type that can make you laugh no matter what and be there when you need a shoulder to lean on. Damn I love this horse.
Shopping Buddy - Himchan Himchan is such a diva, but has a great fashion sense. Honestly if we go shopping I would be the one dressing him up constantly. And also we can go out and treat ourselves to spa days and such. He has done that before. He could be my personal stylist
Late Night Talks - Suga I know YoonGi has a deep emotional side and I feel like he would be a great listener and give great advice if needed. And plus we could also talk about the most random things as well but I think I will be distracted by his angelic face that would most likely curse me out a lot
Boyfriend - Yongguk I feel like I could write a whole essay as to why I like him so much. His knowledge and mindset was the thing that got me to like him. He just has the qualities I love in a person in general. Do I need to say more? I love you, Yongguk ♡
Down To Chill - Kai It would one of those random phone calls or texts asking to hang out and it would always be a yes and we would go where ever to just chill. Like the beach or the mall etc. Someone always there to kill the boredom
Pull Pranks With - Jimin Do you see that face? I would love to hear him laugh at the most stupid thing we did. I feel like together we can non stop for hours til the point where my ears start to hurt. And I just imagined us running away from the person we pranked haha
Study Partner - Kyuhyun Kyu is a genius in math and I'm not, so without a doubt he will be my tutor. I feel like he will keep you in line with your work while making an occasional joke here and there. He is someone who will keep stability in you
Night Out/Party - Hyuna Besides her sexy self, she can be a dork and have fun. I imagine us cracking jokes and laughing a lot on our way to a club or a party and once we get there we are going to turn up! Sleepovers with her would be awesome!
Supportive Friend - Zelo He has matured so much in the past year and I can just see him as a big brother although we are only a year apart. I can picture him giving me a hug saying "everything will be okay" and then flash his smile and say "do you want ice cream?" In a way we will keep each other standing.
So that is my squad. Obviously there are much more people involved like everybody in BTS and B.A.P because we are family. And the friends of my clique are also involved. This is like a dream come true. Now let me go cry in a corner because of this beautiful fantasy. The people I will be tagging are @Melineptune @IzzyPerkins @punkpandabear @StephanieDuong @StephyBAP @amandamuska @GoldenV @MichelleIbarra


The Trio - Hyoyeon & Yuri Me and the girls would make up the trio. As what I do in real life with my trio's, we go shopping, hang out countless time, talk about the girl stuff and kpop as well. Also, have a bunch of sleepovers. I don't want to talk to the guys about my feelings and that why the girls along with my girl BFF Amber are a survival need.
The Overall Friends - Seulgi & Irene I just want them to involved in my life somehow! Do you know those friends that you have and you talk to them and you're just so glad that you know them and that they are your friends. We would talk occasionally and hang out when we get time and just genuinely enjoy our time together and love them to bits and pieces.
@TheKS3D I love this!!!!
@IzzyPerkins I like to torture me people haha xD
@MichelleIbarra From what I could tell, in your group of friends who would be who? like who would be your best friend, who would you have a crush on, who is the one always making jokes, who acts like the parent etc. Pretty much you make your own circle of friends
two? oh god im not even done with one
Can you explain to me what we're supposed to do? lol
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