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list of this what we are going to do today 1. we are going to post pictures of Jimin and tell how we feel about him. 2. Then we are going to guess his favorite things. 3. We also are going to watch his videos it doesn't matter if it is a MV or funny moments or any kind. 4. GAME CALLED I could find it at first but I realize it wasn't going to work. its a outside game. so me and my friends made up a game. We called it Idol Take. Its the only thing we can come up with. some of my other friends called it monthly pade don't know why,they weird. So here's how it goes. We look up idols birthday. We write them down and if the idols have same birthday as you, you can have the person. You make a card and post your idols that has the same birth Month as you. if your friends are in love with that person or that's their bias that has the same month as you . You can take away their love. I mean they want have them, The only way you can is having the same month as them. sorry if this is harsh.
What I feel about Jimin, He's not my bias and i don't feel connection with him But I do want to help him as a friend. Like I'm doing now. Even though he looks like Henry.
OK I'll do it once I have the time :) The game sounds quite fun lol 馃槀
hey @ninachan i made a card for all the jimin appreciation
I'll be making a card soon, and i tell other people about this too so they can join :D . . . besides I think i like the sound of this game (Looks like Suga is off the market we Share a birthday of March 9th lol)
i dont know if my card followed the thing idk if i did ot right :/
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