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so this whole week we are show some love to our sweet baby jimin..........awwwwwahhhhhh jimin *pinches his cheeks*
first thing is first jimin is not my ultimate bias nothing like that but he is my bias cause everyone in BTS is my bias they are my loves <3 they are my ultimate bias group :)
so this week i guess im be lonely in the no jams club but ill try to make the best of it......if you need anything jimin im here for you...you know where to find me
so lets get down to buissness......hes adorable right awwahhhh look at him
ughhh hes kills me all the time
i love his smile.....i cant....its just so beautful
and his laugh awwwahhhhh i smile through out this whole video....his laugh is so contagious i love it <3
so i dont know if you have notice but jimin is a player hahaha...let me show you why i say that
this what i mean.....i dont know about you but these are some of my top ships....i love them but ughhh......but as you all know he loves his jungkook
awwwwahhhh jimin.......hey v this just jimin's week you will get you week one day as well hahah
lets take time and apreciate his singing and danceing
his dancing is like wow
his singing is even more wow
im dying doing this card hes just so beautful even jungkook is shocked
now lets kill some of you.....me as well....
i died finding a good video for this part but ughhhhh i cant i just got whatever it will still kill you
hes just so awwwahhhgh
jimin your beautful hope you getting better and know your beautful just the way you are.....dont let no one bring you down you perfect the way you are
well thats it for my card i hope you enjoyed the view of sweet baby jimin hahaha
love you guys <3 bye bye thanks @ninachan for making jimin week of jams. show your love for sweet baby jimin @ninachan card Its Jam Week for Jimin! http://www.vingle.net/posts/1016457?shsrc=v my jimin appreciation collection Jimin Appreciation http://www.vingle.net/collections/3108733?cshsrc=v
Heck yeah he's a player! He's so shippable with everyone! But Jungkook wins😏
This was soo on point! why Jimin gotta be so sexy and cute and funny and such a dork lol!
Super cute I love it!!!! Ugh you can't have too much Jimin! Hehe
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"jimin jimin jimin... my ultimate bias.... i wuv u... yes u... i really really really wuv u" thts me talking to his pictures... lol ❀❀❀😍😍
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