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I was tagged by @TheKS3D for this and well here is my group c:

My best friend

My best friend would be Suga of Bts. With him I know I'll be able to get a good laugh and great advice we'd stay up judging people while doing nothing else and being our complete selfs.

My Shopping buddy

My shopping buddy would be Jiyong (G-Dragon). He'd make a perfect fashionista and we'd go shopping every other day. And according to Daesung he has a lot of money (I don't use people for money. Just to get that cleared.)

My clumsy friend

My clumsy friend would be Tao. He's so awesome when trying to be fierce to perform his skills with a staff, nunchucks, or a sword. Although he instantly becomes cute when he messes it up. He'd give off laughs here and there with his clumsiness but also with his awesomeness.

My dance partners

I would have two dancing partners, Lay of exo and Hoseok of BTS. They are both literally the best dancers I've come across. Surprisingly though I can keep up with both of them when they dance. I learned A dance where lay posted a video on his ig, and another of Hoseok where he's dancing as well. Dancing with either would be an accomplishment for sure c:

My pretty friend

Everyone has one of those friends ;-; I just wish I was one of them. Sighs. Anyways my pretty friend would be Jessica Jung. She's so pretty I can't. ;-;

My crush

Everyone has a crush so here's mine. Kim Seokjin. I can literally go on and on about how much I love him. I'm just going to go with the mains. His eye smile is to die for. When he smiles also but no one can miss his eye smile. It's so perfect I could faint. His sassiness could compete with mine. I'd be lying if I said I don't like his sass. He's so pretty too.

The guy everyone has a crush on

There's always that one person who every girl goes GaGa for. This is where WuYifan comes in. He's so perfect, his skin, eyes, smile, cheek bones, and not to mention his collar bone. Plus he's really tall and he can rock out any hair color. We'd be close because he'd be more of a brother to me taking in his personality of being there and giving someone a laugh when they need it.
And here is my group c: Thanks for reading! And anyone who hasn't done it I dare you to do it! well Yeah c:
@kpopandkimchi in real life I'm the dancer of my group
HA! I love that you included a clumsy friend..I am definitely the Tao of my real-life friend group...
They become everyone's relationship goals
I ship them both haha and well prettiest girl and the best good looking guy you know what that means lol
Why did I just picture Jessica and Kris together haha