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Jimin's Jam Week

Jimin is one of my ultimate bias!!! How do I feel about him? I don't even know where to start he is just perfect👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 He kills me every time he smiles laugh and gives a killer stare to the camera!!! He is so adorable and he has a good personality too. I hope he is ok from the accident that happen at the fan meeting and I hope he doesn't take anti fans mean comments seriously because whatever mean thing they say is not true!!! And I wish that he could see how vinglers are making a special week for him to support him thanks to @ninachan
What does Jimin like ? Well I wished he liked me and roller coasters because I love him and roller coasters!!! But I know that his favorite number is 3 and he likes Teayang from Bigbang and his favorite color is light blue or black
He's not my bias but I really feel like in real life we would be best friends. He seems like such a genuine and sweet guy. I love him!
@edwey66 your welcome
@ninachan thank you :)
when you said I wish he like me got me laughing XD this is cute
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