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Haircuts can be scary if you always had longer lengths but it's not a bad idea to trim them every so often. Otherwise, the ends might get caught in a rut. There's plenty of hairstyle that are less intimidating for people who can't commit to changing up their style.

Bangs with a light face frame.

Before getting bangs you should always ask your hairdresser frame your face and see what shape is more suitable for you. Since this might be your first time getting bangs, I suggest getting a light face fame. This simply means bangs are softer and blends in with the rest of the hair as it grows out. Just in case you don't want to keep it, you can easily hide them.

Layers from the back.

Most people get layers from the front giving a U-Shape hair when view from the back. This type of style makes it seem like you lost a lot of hair because the front is shorter. Layers from the back will allow you to have ton of texture and while retaining your length. You also get amazing volume when you curl your hair.

A straight lob.

Edgy styles like A-line bob might be too scary for you but if you want to try a shorter style go for a lob. The longer length bob is easy to style and is flattering for most face shape and grows out beautifully.