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Rated M story... if you don't want to read, please hit back and keep scrolling. - "Ah..." after two whole months of promotions for your solo debut, you were happy you could finally rest for a week. You lay in your dorm room tub with nice hot water that was basically healing your muscles. EXO are rapping up their Call Me Baby promotions too. You were excited. You haven't seen your boyfriend for a while due to both of your busy schedules. You lay there, slowly beginning to drift to sleep when you hear the bathroom door open and close. You open your eyes and see your tall looking boyfriend standing there a little surprised. "Tao?" "I didn't know you were here. Thank god... I never like bathing alone and Kris always gets an attitude when I ask him to shower with me." He said but you were just shocked he was in the bathroom with you while you were naked. "Wha- TAO! Get out!!!!" You yell, bringing your knees up to cover your boobs. "What? Why?" Tao asked innocently, not listening to you at all. He stripped off every single piece of clothing and began climbing into the tub with you. You looked away and start scooching over. The both of you stayed silent for a bit but Tao broke that silence instantly with a very soft touch on your back. He began tracing the freckles you had on your back. His light fingertip sent shivers down your spine. "Tao... Why are you here?" You ask again. They aren't done with promotions until tomorrow. You then felt two strong and warm arms wrap around you. "Because I heard you were hear alone... I took the first flight back... They think I'm sick but... All I wanted was to spend some time alone with you." He then began kissing behind your neck ever so lightly. Before you realized it, he turned you around to face him and was making out with him. The heat coming off his body mixed with this warm water and... Mmmm... The movement of his tongue... You've never been more relaxed. You didn't realize that your legs opened until he stuck a finger inside of you a bit harsh than you were used to. "Ah" You gasp loudly at the sudden entrance. You could feel his smirk. He even chuckled a bit. "My dear sweet (y/n), won't you let me hear your wonderful voice?" He said very seductively. You were about to answer no (you are a major troll) but was cut off by his sudden and very fast movements of his middle finger inside of you. He began pumping you at a fast rate that made the slapping noise and got your yelp to tighten in your throat. "Ah! Tao! Ah! Ugh!" You cry as his finger was just picking up speed the more you cried out. If only one finger was doing this to you, imagine more fingers... Or something larger. "You know how I'm so scared to shower alone, right?" He asked you, his finger not slowing down. You could feel your stomach tightening, knowing exactly what was about to happen. "Let me hear you scream? It might cure my fear of bathing alone." He then began pupling faster, even using his thumb to rub your little nerve gland. You cried out as soon as he touched it. Your head flew back and he knew you were about to cum. "Ah ah ah!!!!" You cried as it just reaches the peak. "Yes! Yes! Cum for me!!!! Scream!" and that you did. "TAAAAAOOOOO!" You scream as you climax. He kept pumping as you climaxed but soon slowed down and then stopped. You were clinging onto him. You were panting very loudly and completely exhausted. Tao just smiled and hugged you. "I hope I made you feel better..." He said as he hugged you. "You did..." You answer. "Good... I love you..." "I love you..." - I wrote this because there aren't enough Tao fanfics out there. I hope you enjoy and if you want more, follow my instagram @touchmybuttoppa
OKAY please make more
now I'm curious if he's actually scared to shower alone and where I can sign to join him