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This August was filled with some seriously awesome comebacks so I wanted to know if YOU ran the show, who would come out on top?!

I listed my top 3 at the bottom, but leave your ranking in the comments!

B1A4 - Sweet Girl

This comeback was brilliant not only cause the song was really catchy, but because so much of the album was written and composed by the members of B1A4 themselves!

SNSD - Lion Heart

I actually really love this retro style. The song didn't wow me but I liked it better than Party - and You Think is SUCH a jam!

LR - Beautiful Liar

I really can't speak anymore highly of this song. It was written and composed by Leo and Ravi and its totally stunning (the music video is beautiful too!)

JJCC - Where You At?

I'm not going to lie, I'm not big on JJCC until @KpopJunkiesTV started talking about them. This may be my favorite track by them and I'm loving the new members!

Wonder Girls - I Feel You

I can not express in words how much I love this song, this video, this concept. It's everything I wanted and more. This is definitely my favorite track of August, if not the entire summer!

SHINee - Married to the Music

Remember when I freaked out when I saw this poster? Yeah, still sort of freaking out. This track is so deliciously Michael-Jackson-inspired that I can't even handle it. The music video is insane too.

T-ara - So Crazy

Alright here's the truth. I haven't listened to this yet and I don't have headphones but I DO know that there has been serious drama surrounding these girls and I just need everyone to take a chill pill. They're pretty great at making viral hits so I'm sure a little 1D fandom hate isn't going to stop either groups from continuing their success.

Big Bang - Let's Not Fall in Love, Zutter

Do I even need to talk about these two tracks you guys? Let's Not Fall in Love is probably my second favorite track from this wild summer of Big Bang releases (behind Sober) and Zutter is just crazy.

Hyuna - Roll Deep

Only listened to this twice but the song is damn catchy, there's no denying that. I'm not the biggest fan of the teaser and choreo but Hyuna definitely does things that no other idol can get away with! Also Ilhoooooooon!

Simon D - Won and Only

Anything Tablo and Haru touch turns to gold so it's no surprise that I love this song. Add Jay Park into the mix and I'm a done deal!


1. I Feel You

2. Beautiful Liar

3. Sweet Girl

WON AND ONLYYYY duhh!! SSAM D and Jay Park....pretty much anything AOMG puts out pleases my ears. Zutter...this was the track I was waiting for from BIGBANG. EYE LOVE EET. And the MV seriously reminded me of that Guy Ritchie movie, Snatch. I love that movie so of course I love this MV. Married To The Music.... The MV was sooooooo damn cool.
Top 3? How the heck am I supposed to narrow it down 0.0'
You... you'd make me choose?!!? Smh! EVIL! :P jk 1. Let's Not Fall in Love & Zutter <3 (No, I can't decide.) -Big Bang/GD & TOP 2. Beautiful Liar - VIXX LR 3. Love You - SG Wannabe 4. Roll Deep - Hyuna Yeah, I broke the rules. Catch me if you can, @kpopandkimchi! :P <3
I loved Snsd comeback!! I'm a huge fan of Lion heart and also hyuna! Gd & top! And vixx Lr!!
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