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Jimin's Jam Week Game!
Lets get on our phones,laptop,tablet whatever. and play the game. Here are the rules there are no RULES! XD i think!
We are going to go over the game again. We look up idols birthday. We write them down and if the idols have same birthday as you, you can have the person. You make a card and post your idols that has the same birth Month as you. if your friends are in love with that person or that's their bias that has the same month as you . You can take away their love. I mean they want have them, The only way you can is having the same month as the same idols.
Thanks to @Rhia you don't have to look it up. Kpop birth months~
You're welcome guys~ have fun!! (btw my birth month is January~ >ㅅ<)
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Birthday month in November!! thanks again @Rhia
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