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Finally have a chance to post, I honestly dont know where to start
First and foremost Jimin is the cutest little pudding I ever did see (miranda sings voice) lol hes like a little baby but dont let that fool you because trust me he can go from baby to killer in two nano seconds
how is this even legal!!!!! hes a little pudding he shouldn't even be allowed to do this to people seriously
proof right here that he can change from army killer to pudding in like 2 seconds I just love this little specimen even though hes technically a year old hes still my little jimin and if you dont like him your lying to yourself.
Im just gonna leave this last one here ....Enjoy and try not to die lol
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Omg that last picture messed with my mind... The pillow messed me up actually... When I looked at it, I like saw someone else's legs laying on the ground going toward him and his body was all turned and I was like, where are his legs!??