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I just came across a video of some puppies swimming for the first time on my facebook feed, and promptly decided that I needed to watch as many of these videos as possible. And share them with you.

Hope they made you smile like it made me smile :)

They're so fluffy, they're so fluffy, they're SO FLUFFY!!!
So. Freaking. Cute.
These guys aren't afraid at all!!! I guess Golden Retrievers are water dogs, but still!
Yes, handling 8 puppies at one time might be a little hard :)
Maple here isn't a tiny puppy, but she's darn cute so I'm including here anyways. Just proves you can learn to swim and love the water no matter how old you are :)
This husky pup didn't even need any extra motivation. Most dogs love to swim!!
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awwwww, they are soooo cute :)
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