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Holy cannoli! Last week's Weekly Caption Challenge was an extremely tight race with almost 50 different caption submissions! First off, you're all hilarious. Secondly, I apologize but, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.
With that being said, congratulations to this week's champion, @DeadlyCyanide! As this week's winner, her submission will be a Funny community's Featured Card of the Week - meaning it's the first card all users will see when they come visit our section of Vingle!
Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this week's Funny Caption Challenge. Look out for next week's challenge, or follow the Funny Caption Contest Collection to add all future challenges to your Vingle feed!
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thank you wow haha! this is pretty awaome. I'm screen capping it and showing it to my friend lol. thanks alot!!! <3
@DeadlyCyanide your caption was great :)
Haha thank you. it was the first thing that came to mind haha. being a cosplayer I totally get it and I did not exspect as many people to get it haha
@DeadlyCyanide you're a cosplayer?? that's so cool!!!