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so guys I am finally posting the end of my Let's Not Fall In Love inspired Cartoon renditions. I hoped you enjoyed looking at them as much as I loved drawing them. Without further Ado the last but not least in anyway the one and only Taeyang.
original still with his smoldering eyes...
My rendition... i hoped I captured his essence. feel free to tag anyone as always comments and critique are appreciated.
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@deilig thanks...i just put their names so everyone knows for sure
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@buddyesd I just see it as a different facet to my diamond esque personality....Just kidding. I did all the drawings on my poetry cards....The ones I use photos or other forms of art I give credit to the original owner.
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this is great! The art style reminds me a lot of the art of Edvard Munch. I dig it
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@VinMcCarthy thank you.
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