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Make a date with you and your bias!!! Then tag your friends so they can play too!!!
My date is Nam Woo Hyun!! So cute!!!
first we FaceTime cute faces to eachother! aren't we adorable!
thia is what I wear! comfy, warm, and perfect for winter. (its a winter date)
first he takes me ice skating and keeps me from falling down and holds my hand the whole time!
the we go for hot chocolate and some warm snacks to make us roasty toasty again after being out in the cold.
to end the night we go for a walk in the park and he pushes me on the swings in the snow.
then he takes me home and wishes me goodnight. he is the perfect gentleman.
that's my date everyone!!! I am gonna tag @AimeeH @B1A4BTS5ever and @VeronicaArtino !!!
This is so cute!
This is so adorable doods ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Oh my gosh this is adorable!!! Plus that FaceTime is precious.
ok I mean i already know what I'm going to do...i bet you all will thing it is boring after you read it...but I have to charge my phone so I'll do it later
@amobigbang came up with it. she is the challenge master!
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