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I get the feel I want to end my life, but I’m scared of the outcome like who will be miserable will those who love me will they cry? Too many thing in my life have completed shut down I can’t even decided what I want to for college. My mom thinks that it’s not okay to keep changing my major and I feel like I can’t handle my life sometimes because I’m always saying something negative. My family is very ignorant everything I do is a stupid they have never supported my anything. When I was high school I really wanted continue with playing my violin but I never got help and I was at the age to get a job I was still 14 I really wanted to buy my own violin but after a while I gave up I though it was hopeless so I gave on it. I think ever since then I would always try to do everything myself I didn’t want my parents helping me in anything because in had started to hate them….. hate is a big word to use but I really don’t how to express the disappointment I have for them but I am sorry to anyone who might read this because you might think I’m stupid or a brat to think this way but even if you think this way I’m might there to read them because of how I fee will probably end my life eventually so I’m sorry to those I gave a hard time with my insolence I’m sorry to my family that could not be the person they wanted me to be</p>
writing helps. talking about it helps too. especially to someone on the outside. this community is a family. we are here to lift each other up especially when tines are hard. I think we have all hit a point in our lives where we feel alone and like the weight was to much to bear. but we have to bear it. things get easier. having people you know you can talk to. even if our circumstances aren't exactly the same. we can relate on the most basic of things. stay strong and lean on us. we will help lift you up.
@lunahuerta24 dear it's not a sob story, you're in pain and you need to talk about it. You will never be alone and we never abandon you. If you need to talk we're here, if you need to cry, again we're here. I might cry with you because I cry when people get emotional. Point is we will always be willing to lend a ear for you.
thank you I thought posting something like this was going to be a bad idea I'm very grateful that there are people who are willing to hear my sob story I can't even text right now I'm crying so much but I'm so glad that there are others who are not afraid to help thank you so much
Of course we are here for you, like others have said, we are a family here and are here for you. You are not alone.
you are very welcome. just don't do anything you can't undo OK? love is what we are all about
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