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I get the feel I want to end my life, but I’m scared of the outcome like who will be miserable will those who love me will they cry? Too many thing in my life have completed shut down I can’t even decided what I want to for college. My mom thinks that it’s not okay to keep changing my major and I feel like I can’t handle my life sometimes because I’m always saying something negative. My family is very ignorant everything I do is a stupid they have never supported my anything. When I was high school I really wanted continue with playing my violin but I never got help and I was at the age to get a job I was still 14 I really wanted to buy my own violin but after a while I gave up I though it was hopeless so I gave on it. I think ever since then I would always try to do everything myself I didn’t want my parents helping me in anything because in had started to hate them….. hate is a big word to use but I really don’t how to express the disappointment I have for them but I am sorry to anyone who might read this because you might think I’m stupid or a brat to think this way but even if you think this way I’m might there to read them because of how I fee will probably end my life eventually so I’m sorry to those I gave a hard time with my insolence I’m sorry to my family that could not be the person they wanted me to be</p>
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Suicide isn't the answer. Trust me, I've thought of that for the longest time. It won't help anything, it's a perminate solution to a temporary problem. there's nothing wrong with switching your major, my friends been in college for a year and she still doesn't even have a major. It's better to find what you REALLY want to do than get stuck in a dead end job. More people would miss you than you will ever think, death is something that doesn't just hit the immediate people around you, it hits anyone who hears the news. If i can survive major bullying for 10 years and still hold my head up high you can get through this. It takes a little encouragement, faith, and strength. It doesn't mean you have to have it all on your own, sometimes leaning on people you trust is something you need to do. And one other things you DON'T need to live up to anyone's expectations but your own. Tomorrow could bring happy news and you wouldn't even know it. Hold your head up high because everyone is worth it ♡
This is one of the most difficult times in your life because you are being given so many expectations and responsibilities but so little freedom to actually live up to those expectations! What's so amazing is that when you get through high school, and then get through college, you have all the chances in the world to do what makes you truly happy. Even if you don't get to do the major you want, etc, once youre out in the real world and responsible for yourself you can finally be free. It's horrible and difficult to get through this time but you CAN get through it! You have us and you seem to be a strong person yourself so we can all survive it and move on to bigger and better things!
I thank everyone I'm feeling a lot better hopefully I'll get to feel this way all time and not just this one time
@lunahuerta24 Whenever you need to talk you know you always have us!! Don't ever hesitate to send me or anyone on here a message!
thanks everyone