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Are people getting a little too crazy for beauty? One of Cosmopolitan's beauty editor shared her experience of cryotherapy aka putting yourself in an icebox to get rid of acne. Ice cube facial is nothing new and if you ever tried Korean-style sauna (jjimjilbang) you know putting yourself in a cold room is a common practice (after sitting in the steam room).
Cryotherapy only got popular because Hollywood stars were seen doing it. Basically, you are brought into a chamber where the temperature is as cold as your freezer. The idea is to reduce inflammation, acne, and redness on your skin. The freezing skin lesion is not only for face. There are treatment for the whole body and dermatologists that offer this service claims it can help with anti-aging, weight-loss and all the "good stuff." One session usually cost around $90 and it may be more expensive based on location.
Along with all the other crazy beauty treatments like injecting botox on your scalp to stop sweat, do you think it's worth it?
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Why would you pay $90 to put yourself in the freezer? Our local butcher get his beauty treatment daily for free!
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