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I keep seeing this one circulating on the Internet, and I feel like I had to post it. It reminds me of how crazy expensive being a photographer is, or really any other applied art skill that requires a lot of 'supplies'. (@JonPatrickHyde, have you seen this yet?)
I have not seen this meme... but I have seen the photo before. So totally true. In my main work camera and 6 lenses I use the most I've got around $17,000. That doesn't include another $2,000 in various tripods, heads, mounts, etc. Another $3,000 in lights. And several thousands in computers & software. Yep. Honestly I'd rather spend money on camera equipment than new clothes or a home entertainment system, expense new car, or any sort of thing like that. I really should have a second, backup body ($7,000), and several more batteries (I have 4 - they are $120 each), and I can never have too much memory for my camera and the memory it uses is twice as expensive as that of non-pro cameras because it has to be a certain memory. Yep - become a pro photographer and be forever broke. But it's totally worth it!
Holy crap! that's expensive. But at least @JonPatrickHyde you enjoy it.
@JonPatrickHyde I had no idea it could be that expensive!! that's like what I make in a year lol