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So yesterday I was driving home with my mom, little sister and little brother. We were listening to Kpop and me and my brother were singing along. Everything was going fine but then out of nowhere my sister says to my little brother, "you're too young to listen to kpop" I honestly though that was the most stupidest thing I've ever heard. I couldn't say much because my mom was there and I was driving. All I could say was "no he isn't" at the moment. He is 8 years old, how is that young? I introduced him to Kpop (with Big Bang Fantastic Baby) when I found out about Kpop 2 years ago. He enjoys the songs, and sometimes dances to it too. I don't know why she said that but it irritated me so much.
I have no idea why she would say that... My little sister is 6 and she loves Big Bang, INFINITE, SHINee and 2NE1 hahahah I think as long as they don't watch certain music videos that aren't very kid-friendly it should be fine!
He isn't too young! I had my niece listening to Super Junior and Infinite when she was a year and half old! She still listens to it and she is 5 now. We'll she listens to it when she's around me. I just don't let her watch the music videos. Your sister is tripping. No offense just a big Kpopper fan.
I play kpop music in front of my 2 little sisters(3 and 6 year). They love Good Boy by gd and fantastic baby.
Kpop is often soooo much tamer than pop music in other countries so he might as well not listen to music at ALL if she thinks he's too young for Kpop haha
Their is no such thing as too young for kpop. lol I introduced my 1 yr old nephew to Kpop. He is now 3 and Shinee (Lucifer and Everybody) and Big Bang(Fantastic Baby was his jam!) are his favorites.
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