And I saw ALL of this!!!!! Look how adorable they all are! Not all of them are my best screenshots, but these are what I took when they were LIVE!!! 馃槜馃槷
The second I saw this, I screenshot it. It was WaaaY too good to miss! Ha ha ha love you Baro! 鉂わ笍
I recently downloaded this app (seriously just like a week ago) and I've already been on like 5 live videos. I don't have a problem or anything... Especially considering the live ones are like 5 or 6 AM my time...
Thats weird about the image but aHHHHH I KNOWW! I just got into the app and its really cool.
@sherrysahar my whole watch schedule gonna be knocked over cause I start school soon. I will soon share your pain
I have no idea why it didn't show up. I didn't take these photos from a website though.....馃槜
When you scroll down, THAT second picture is the picture of Baro holding up that sign of Sweet Girl you saw above!
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