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If you're looking to do a cosplay that doesn't involve making weapons, too much spandex or armor, think about trying one like this: Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6!! Honey Lemon is just a tall college girl, so you can totally make that work--particularly if you don't doing her more casual outfit instead of the superhero versions.
All you need:
- Straight, light brown wig (unless your hair is this color!)
- Yellow dress with white color (can be a separate shirt worn underneath)
- Yellow headband
- Glasses
- Tights
- Yellow jacket or long cardigan
- Yellow purse
The most important thing you need to master is the post she always uses!
And then your look will be complete!!
You can see that all of these cosplayers did their looks a bit differently, but they all still looks soooo Honey Lemon! The key is personality :)
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Cute!! This would be an awesome Halloween costume too?
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