So, today my friend in this video self proclaimed he was best out of us two in this video.... Gurl bye anyways I wanted to get a fair vote on who was better.
So you guys tell me out of the two who did better? Tell me down in comments below. ^^
I definitely have to go with the second person, by far. I'm minoring in dance, and the whole "poppin' and lockin'" has always been hard for me (probably because I'm a white guy). I could write like paragraph responses about this, but I won't... Anyway. I'm envious of how the second person is gettin' it.
You TOTALLY killed it. Girl u could be a dancer for YG😁😁😁😁
Okay not cause I'm biased or anything but you KILLED it. Your friend was awesome as well but I'm going to vote for you^^
@nakebakonadu Aww thank you! !! I really hope one day I could be apart of YG' s dancers!