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Most professional workspace have a dress code you have to stick with. Black suit, slack and closed-toe shoes. I know it's boring but that's work life. Fridays are usually casual and you can dress down a bit while remaining the professional look. Now, unless you work in a startup or tech company you can come in PJs. Just kidding but you get the point. Casually chill but still classy chic.

Style 1: Black Birkenstock + White Top + Black Pants

Light on top and dark on the bottom. The blazer and leather tote adds a touch of professionalism.

Style 2: Black Birkenstock + Light Blue Top + Black Pants

There is something about an oversized mandarin collar shirt and black jeans combination that makes it work appropriate. The little golden accessories and satchel bag also played a big part in making it more polished.

Style 3: White Birkenstock + White Top + White Bottom

A monochromatic attempt but accessorized with a black vest and unexpected pop of color.

Style 4: White Birkenstock + Two Piece Crop Dress

Everything is flattering with this outfit. The fishtail braids, the form fitting pattern crop top, the high waisted pencil skirt and the white birkenstock sandal. One kind advice: Only wear this if you work in the fashion industry.

Style 5: Black Birkenstock + Black Top + Black Skirt

If you got the legs, go for the mini leather skirt.

Style 6: White Birkenstock + White Dress

The white knee length dress is absolutely appropriate for work. If you feel like adding a touch of souther glam, layer on a gingham shirt and tie it around your waist to accentuate your waist.