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Have you ever played a video game and, in the midst of the action, wished that you were really there? Or, that the graphics weren't animated, and they were really happening? I think every gamer has had the dream of bringing their games to life a little more than just playing them. Finally, a production company called Realm Pictures did that for us.
My coworkers didn't share in my excitement for how awesome this is, so I have come to you all in hopes that somebody will find this as ridiculously cool and exciting as I do.
There are just so many awesome things going on here. At first, I thought it was going to be animated or pre-recorded, but this is all happening live as the "player" talks the main character through the actions.
My favorite bit mightttt be at 4:21...."shoot the guy at the right cleaning his car." Haha! Smart player, always trying to find a way to expand the game past its intended realm. I also really love when he was instructed to play the organ, and the sound guy layered on some appropriate playing. It reminded me of Resident Evil games where your character takes a break from fighting off mutant zombie to just play some piano. Real casual.

Want to know how they did it?

They wanted to make a live action FPS. And let the player actually get to control it! I have to say they pretty much succeeded at accomplishing all of their goals.
The amount of work that went into something like this is amazing: they had a sound guy live layering sound onto the video, an actor running around with a go-pro and video encoder strapped to his head, a zombie following him with a router, a voice actor, a video editor, and more all running around to make the action come together live!

Would you want to give a round? I know I want to!

@buddyesd Me too!!! :D I haven't actually played shooters in a long time but this would be the kind of thing I'd love to stumpleupon
I've heard @VinMcCarthy and @shannonl5 might find this pretty cool :)
oh wow i would love to try this :D:D:D