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People always ask me how I get such clear smooth skin. Since so many people have been reaching out to me I decided to educate myself about skin care. Below are some facial, body, and foot scrubs I make for my clients.
For a clear smooth complexion I use my homemade facial scrubs. My super favorite is my Cleopatra Sugar Scrub. I have super sensitive skin so I like to use only all natural products. I read somewhere that Cleopatra used honey to keep her youthful glow, so I said why not try it out! Ingredients: Raw Fine Sugar Cane, Raw Honey Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and avacado oil.
Benefits of Cleopatra Ingredients Sugar is the best for facial exfoliation, because it is gentle on the face. I recommend to never use salt scrubs on the face. Salt is more abrasive and should be used below the face as needed. Salt Scrubs are great for foot scrubs and body scrubs.
Speaking of body scrubs for soft skin and feet I use my coffee scrub Java Explosion body scrub and fir my feet I use my Grapefruit Burst foot scrub. Java Explosion consists of coffee grounds, honey, cinnamon, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil. The Grapefruit Burst contains Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, apricot oil, organic coconut oil, and essential oil (grapefruit scent).
Benefits of above ingredients
This is a just quick chart to compare and contrast different oils. Remember the secret to a great scrub is the foundation. This is oil you use and the type of ingredient you use for exfoliation.
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@BeannachtOraibh tea tree oil works too but it has a strong smell. I use it for my eczema. I use a few drops of tea tree oil and mix it with avacado oil or apricot oil.
@amobigbang I've tried it before, but I react badly to it.
Yeah some ppl do have bad side effects I was afraid I would react badly so I use just a bit.
I'm allergic and sensitive to all kinds of odd stuff: corn, black pepper, mango, petroleum-based's very limiting. 😧
@BeannachtOraibh well that's why maybe you should try making ur own facial cleaning products if you haven't alreadt. at least you know what's going on ur skin if you make it