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Hair is an amazing thing but also scary. Hair can tell us a lot about our health and all those fun stuff. I never understood why calcium is so important for women as we age. When I was still living at home my mom would tell me to take calcium supplements because I don't drink enough milk. I'm lactose and it's prevented me from enjoying certain type of cheese and dairy products.
Recently, I learned calcium deficiency can cause hair to thin. It's a fact we should not overlook. Couple months ago I realized my hair has been falling off more than usual. I know my diet was not good and on top of that I had a lack of exposure to the sun. Women is suppose to have a minimum of 2,000 units of vitamin D per day but I was WAY below average. On top of that I did not have enough omega-3 intake that helps process vitamin D. In other words, I was nutritional imbalanced. This caused more hair fall off than usual which lead to stress.
So eat your vitamins!
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@brit9864 Thanks for sharing and it's a relief to hear that I'm not alone. My hair condition has improved a lot after balancing my meal. I just wasn't aware how important vitamins is in overall health.
Oh yes it definitely has a huge effect on your health, I was feeling under the weather all the time a few years back and when I went to the doctor they checked my levels and said I was extremely deficient in vitamin D, which also affected my calcium levels. I have never liked milk much and was not getting enough sun, but after being prescribed supplements and getting more sun I feel so much better and my hair is thick again. I was losing so much hair for awhile due to the deficiencies, vitamins play such an important role in your health!