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Seohyun: It's been 7 years since we started on our activity. When we go to music programme waiting rooms, most people we see are hoobaes (juniors). In the past, we had to go around greeting others, but now, hoobaes come to visit us, it's new to us. Tiffany: There are many hoobaes with great capability, we have to work hard too. Sooyoung: In the past when sunbaes (seniors) told us that we look the same, I was like, "Why do they think this way?". But now I'm looking at things in their point of view, I can understand now. (laughs) Seohyun: For me I started my activities when I was 17, nowadays when I see young members I find it amazing. Taeyeon: That's right, under the name of SNSD we are getting older naturally, time flows doesn't it. Seohyun: I want to get married soon, although I don't know when will it be, as long as I can find a loved one.. (laughs) Tiffany: We met the husband of Sunye (of Wonder Girls), we really admire her. As we congratulate her sincerely, we thought of how we'll become if our members found their loves and get married. Hyoyeon: If there is such a member in SNSD, of course we'll congratulate her first. Taeyeon: But that's possible only with the approval of the 8 members. (laughs) Sunny: Just sister-in-laws alone, he's gonna have 8. (laughs) Seohyun: 8 wedding dress photoshoot, 8 wedding songs, 8 bridesmaids .. Woah even 8 parties for hundred-days-old baby. It's gonna be really hectic. Yuri: We are not going give birth one by one are we? If each member gives birth to 2 babies it's gonna be 18 parties for hundred-days-old baby. Taeyeon: As time goes our fans are also going to urge us to fall in love, telling us to get married soon and give birth. Tiffany: Except for Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun, the 6 of us here are 25 years old now. Are we not SoNyeos (girls) anymore? Heuk heuk (crying sound). Taeyeon: Among us none is getting married or giving birth. So I suppose it's alright to still call us SoNyeos? Sooyoung: Alright, let's just think that SNSD is a pronoun. Hoho Yoona: That's right, many people are thinking this way too, I feel that we can spend our entire life as SoNyeos. Hyoyeon: Just like how there's no real junior in Super Junior (laughs) SNSD: Alright, we are always SoNyeoShiDae~ ; Cr: NAVER NEWS interview Trans: @imwhywhy
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