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I really can't wait for their debut!!! I think they're the only K-Pop group that before debut is the face of a clothes brand: 'Nepa' Attention: this is long
Hanbin or B.I the leader is also the father of the group. He really cares a lot about the performance and he checks every member personally. He's Mr. Perfect. Kinda reminds me of G-Dragon. His best buddies are Bobby & Jinhwan, companions of his practice since very young. He's very handsome but I don't like his current hairstyle...
He's also a talented composer Check out 'Be I' for Show Me The Money!!
Jinhwan is the oldest & the mother of the group Best buddies: Bobby & Hanbin. He's shy and very quiet but w/ his members he:s almost always very happy. He's the main vocalist and very very handsome. Suhyun (Akmu) is very friend of him.
Check out 'Treasure' ft Suhyun and two ither members (one is Yunhyeong and the other is no part of the group) for Mix & Match. He's the one w/ the green jumper
Bobby is the older brother of the group, always happy & very silly in front of a camera Best buddies: Jinhwan & Hanbin. He's from America & his dream is to buy a house for his family in Korea. He's a very talented rapper, he won Show Me The Money S3. I really like him a lot
Check out 'Bounce' for Show Me The Money
Junhoe wanted to be a dancer but he sings really well. His manly voice is Daebak!! He's also very handsome I've got no doubt he will shine in a few more years
Check out his cover of 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' for Mix & Match
Donghyuk is a very sweet guy but when he dances is Horribly amazing He's a lovely guy much beloved by his members. His father died a few years ago... His voice is reallly sweet & very popular between women
The same song as Junhoe, check out his lovely voice
Yunghyeong; At first I didn't recognize him between the others but he's the one that made iKON completedHe's also very talented at singing & dancing and his sweet smile is
Check him out at 'Treasure' for Mix & Match
Last but not least, Chanwoo He was the last members to join iKON through the 2nd showcase, Mix & Match. I don't know him as much as the others but he's a really nice guy and he goes very well w/ the others. He played the younger version of Goo Joon Pyo in 'Boys Over Flowers'
Check him out for 'Let's Get It Started' in Mix & Match
the 6th one doesn't have a name listed ^^
@VixenViVi soorryy๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ his name is Yunhyeong