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After reading this you can't help but to crack up!
I truly believe this. lol
This supposed to be Seungri alone watching his xxx films when suddenly he hears Ji Yong walking in. lol. This look is priceless. Now that's not what really happened I'm assuming, but this was made for joke purposes.
Everybody probably was laughing at panda lol.
Seungri probably responded just like this ^^ What do you think? Would you believe what Taeyang said about Desung and Seungri? @poojas @stevieq @KpopGaby @kpopandkimchi @VixenViVi @JazzyPie @honeysoo @Allyphernelia @MattK95 @Marilovexoxo @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @nightshade @CristelaLoz @VIPforever123

Have you all seen this photo on the Internet?

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Oh gosh I love this. I am Daesung, Daesung is my spirit animal there's no doubt about it lol
I believe it
it's true though. they mentioned something similar in an interview. when they shot MV bad boy, they mentioned Seungri downloading some...well porno that didn't finish downloading! lol
Yeah I think GD mentioned it in two interviews @tilu4lyfe...@majesticx Daesung is a cutie.
they have actually talked about the porn thing. he admitted to it xD