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Soooo I'm incredibly late for this but I still wanted to do it so here I am! hehe xD Thanks for tagging me @theks3d! Imma just go ahead and tag everyone looking at this who hasn't done it yet lol School is literally 3 weeks away for me and I'm far from being ready for this semester lmao (shoutouts to all the college kids out there ;D ) I hope everyone, which ever grade or college year they're going to start this year, has a great year!!!! FIGHTING! ✊ OKAY LET'S START~~~~~~~~~
Waking up / Getting ready BTS - Dope I NEED to get hyped up and excited to start a new school year, and this song will definitely help with that. I also love how the meaning of the song is basically "The reason why I'm dope is because I'm working hard to make my dreams come true." So I guess it's sort of a reminder why I'm even going to college in the first place. I definitely need that on the mornings I don't want to get out of bed xD
The trip to school GTOP - Zutter There's a high possibility that I'm still half asleep as I'm getting into my car so any slow song is a no no lol
On my way to my first class LOCO - Respect Upbeat, happy music is a must as I head to my first class realizing that I'll be spending another year full of overloads of homework and running on 4 hours of sleep.
That song that will play in my head as I daydream in class Black Nut, Microdot, Basick - My Zone Totally contradicting my self with this one since I'm clearly not in the zone since I'm daydreaming in the middle of class xD BUTTTTTT THIS BEAT IS SO FREAKING CATCHY OMFG ESPECIALLY WHEN SANE COMES IN AND IS LIKE "I'M IN MY ZZZOOOONNNEEEE" AND MICRODOT'S WHOLE FREAKING PART IS A FREAKING BLESSING...but I digress XD
On my way out of my last class of the day Innovator, Incredible, Super B - OG You best BELIEVE imma be feeling like a boss ass b*tch when I finish the day in one piece xD and this is currently my #1 turn up song LIKE YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS *dances around*
Doing homework GOT7 - Just Right Why? It's GOT7. Nuff said xD
On my way back home Big Bang - We Like 2 Party I find this song so chill and nice to listen to so I'd definitely listen to this song after working hard the whole day (but I'll low key miss summer while listening to it tho T^T)
Song I'll listen to in the shower Big Bang - Sober If you live in my house, it's a guarantee that you'll hear me singing extremely broken Korean in the bathroom xD
Song I listen to as I'm just chillen B.A.P - Secret Love My all-time FAVORITE B.A.P song since it came out a few years back x3 (WHO ELSE IS EXCITED THAT THEY'RE BACK????)
Song I'll listen to before I knock EXO - Love, Love, Love (Acoustic version) This song is life. This song is love (or should I say, love, love, love? xD omfg I'm not funny at all lmao). This acoustic version gives me so much life and it's so mellow that I can sleep while listening to it :3 (on a side note: GOOD LOOKS TO EXO FOR MAKING MY TRIPS TO SCHOOL GREAT LAST SEMESTER WHEN THEIR EXODUS ALBUM CAME OUT! LISTENED TO THAT EVERY SINGLE DAY XD)