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Seohyun: I'm glad that I'm able to write lyrics for the first time together unnies in this album. Sooyoung: Whenever we see the final product we have regrets, but no one can be 100% satisfied. Even so, it was fresh to share our thought with one another. It's both fulfilling and thrilling to hear our members' voices singing the lyrics that I've written. Taeyeon: I want to experience that too, but my lyrics got eliminated in the selection, heuk heuk (crying sound). Yuri: Then please produce songs next time. Tiffany: It's saddening that only my English lyrics was selected. Sooyoung: Did others write lyrics too? Taeyeon: Since we were eliminated it's embarrassing, of course we didn't say it out. Yoona: My lyrics got eliminated too. Sooyoung: I see, the people whose lyrics were selected including me were considered lucky (laughs) Tiffany: Even if all members takes up this challenge, not everyone would be selected. Taeyeon: Once we have time we attend lyrics writing, piano and guitar lessons. I hope we can get more time for practices. ; Cr: NAVER NEWS interview Trans: @imwhywhy