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source: Koreaboo
"In breaking news, Tao has finally spoken up officially about his situation with EXO and SM Entertainment.
The now officially-former member of EXO has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for termination of his contract as of August 24th, KST.
Tao filed the lawsuit using the same legal team that is currently representing Kris and Luhan, who were also former member of EXO."
If you take the link to Koreaboo's page, you can view the official documents.
I honestly hope they win. After all the garbage of I've seen SM pull over their artists in the last decade, they boys should win this. Only now things are going to get even worse for the fandom. I think the best thing is to remember that this isn't the fault of any of the members, past or present. But even if I say that, fans are going to get ugly and fight one another. Let's keep the peace here on Vingle. Okay guys?