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I have decided to keep track of what anime i have seen and share with you guys my favorite ones :) Today i'd like to introduce everyone to my current obsession: Polar Bear's cafe (Shirokuma Cafe) Shirokuma Cafe Genre: Comedy Manga Written by: Aloha Higa Published by: Shogakukan Demographic: Josei Magazine: Flowers Original run 2008 – ongoing Volumes 4 Anime television series Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara Music by Kenji Kondo Original run: April 5, 2012 – ongoing Episodes: Ongoing Synopsis: well, Polar Bear Café, a series about a Polar Bear who owns a café… and it revolves around the everyday lives of a group of animals mingling with humans at a café run by Polar Bear himself. Sounds very simple right? But Polar Bear's Cafe is actually the most entertaining anime I have watched lately. Polar Bear Cafe is a comedy anime for children, but unlike the other anime which treats the audience as if they are total retards. This anime actually managed to bring together the necessary simplicity and humour you need in a relaxing comedy for kids.Perhaps one should call it rather a slice-of-life-series in its ways of relying on characters and atmosphere instead of a real plot. What happens in this series isn’t the result of some sort of convoluted story. Polar Bear Café relies more on showing the story instead of telling it. Polar Bear Café’s a very laid-back comedy-slice-of-life-series with interesting animal characters. Maybe i'll write more about this series tomorrow ;3 Anyway, if you have the time and you're trying to learn some japanese like me, please give this series a try. Because of all the things i have wrote above and one more reason because the japanese used in this series is very simple, and suitable for beginner or intermediate learner :D
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