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A list of bootylishous bootys belonging to KPop girls btw the list is not in order @kpopandkimchi srry it took so long I started making it than completly forgot about it
Le from Exid
Choa from AOA
Gong Minji from 2NE1
Jimin from AOA
Minhee from Stellar
Hyunyoung from Rainbow
Hani from EXID
Bora from Sistar
Hyuna from 4Minute
Naeun fromA-Pink
Clara Lee
Hyosung from SECRET
Nada from Wa$$up
Seoyoung from Hello Venus
An extra for @kpopandkimchi
I feel like you could have just put the MV for Sistar's Touch My Body and called it a day hahahahaha
You have almost all of my girl crushes on one card. /high five
I think its soo sad that even Junho has a bigger butt lololol i feel bad for them girls
@VixenViVi and thx
@vixenvivi okay ill change it i found the picture on my phone and she looks like lizzy so i just put that but when u say her name it pops in my head that you are right
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