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here's the thing guys...i need some advice on what to do. let me start from the beginning...
in january of this year i decided to do something crazy with my life and i moved to california and i live with my sister.
at first i was sad about leaving my family and friends. my friends especially was taking it the hardest. i still think that to this day they haven't forgave me for moving. but it's something that i wanted to try out and see if i like it.
when i got here everything was so different from what i was used to. but after i got my job and made friends the adjustment was getting easier.
and now that i am adjusted to my new life my sister tells me that a friend back home is offering me a teaching job(which is what i always wanted) and he is willing to help me go back to school and get my Bachelor's degree.
i have no idea what i want to do because as much as i want to go home and go back to my family and friends, i made me a new life here in california!!!! i don't know what to do??? i wish that there was some kind of sign that god could give me to help me decide...
I agree with @BangtansArmy, you got to keep in mind your future and all the little things, like the weather and a house maybe there's things in California that are not "back home" or vice versa. Not to mention a back-up-plan just in case things don't go as plan (happens a lot). But ultimately it's your decision and your life.😊😊
Well do you think you can find another opportunity as good as this one again? Because this is what you really want to do right? And after you finish getting your bachelors degree you can move to California again if you'd still wish to do so. That's what I would do but I would suggest on doing whatever your heart says (as cliche as that sounds). Good luck and I'm sure you will be fine :)
@BangtansArmy @warjeensuleiman @B2STANG88 you guys are right!!! i am leaning towards going back home because it's what i always dreamed of(teaching) and California will always be here whenever i want to come back. so im going to take a little more time and really think about it...thanks guys...yall are the best!!!
What matters most is that u dont regret ur choice