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I find it funny that the South Korean side is just blasting kpop onto the north Korean side. lol I read that they played BIGBANG BANG BANG BANG & MBLAQ This is War heehee. I see what you did there S. Korea ;) What do you guys think of this new development?
hahahahaha I'm calling for a dance off to end this once and for all.
@PassTheSuga that would be epic.
@FabiolaGavina - I forgot to mention that when the movie came out we didn't go to war with North Korea either.
@FabiolaGavina - North Korea is constantly threatening to start a war. With everybody. The U.S. made a movie called The Interview that makes fun of North Korea and their leader. They threatened us but we didn't back down and the movie came out. I find North Korea (just the bad people. I understand not all of them are bad) to be alot like the Natzi's. They're horror stories from people who have escaped from North Korea into the south or China. If you Google Korean stars on variety shows they talk about it. Or go on youtube. I'm not saying South Korea or the U.S. are innocent either. But they don't put people in concentration camps and any family they may have while in there. @PassTheSuga - love your comment and name. ^_^
I read that they played "bang bang bang" but people where suggesting them to pay MBLAQ's "This is war" instead. I mean, I am all for Kpop but shouldn't South Korea netizens stop teasing N. Korea? They are at the brick of war, after all. If I want to stop something from happening I wouldn't be teasing my opponent and give them a reason to continue. We have to think, if this war happens the U.S. said it will back up S. Korea, meaning N. Korea will gain allies from U.S. opponents. Do we really want to start another world war?
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