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For all the Ikea hack lovers out there, here is a super cute leather handle diy project you are going to love! I found it on Vintage Revival, which is a modernist approach to diy projects around the home and office.
Here's how to do it!

Supplies Needed:

Router (machine)
Sewing machine
Leather machine needle
Staple gun
Rast dresser (or any flat-front dresser)
3/4" Wooden dowels
Leather (or vinyl)
Fabric glue
220 grit sandpaper
The drawer fronts are pre-drilled for handles so use it to your advantage and that is how to determine the width of the leather pulls. All you have to do is route a (semi) straight line between the holes.
Because you want the routing tool to go all the way through the wood, the piece needs to float above the table to create a little pocket for the bit to exit.
When your drawers are routed, give the entire dresser a quick sanding with 220 grit sand paper.
Once the hole is drilled and the front drawers are sanded smooth, paint or shellac the dresser as you prefer. This is completely optional.
While, this is optional too, it's a good idea to finish the leather so that it looks finished. Simple fold over and stitch a straight stitch so that the leather is the full length of the dowels.
Apply glue to the dowel and place at the center of the inside of the leather fabric.
Fold the leather around the dowel and stick it into the hole that you created.
Once the leather is through the slit, hold firmly and staple the loose leather to the inside of the drawer. Remember to keep it tight.
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