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When I feel low I would climb inside your heart To stay there and shelter myself from the emotional hazard When I would find no place to hide I would run to you to be right by your side You’re like my favourite song which I wanna listen all day long Whenever I feel alone I think of you to make our bond strong This connectivity is rare, may be because I haven’t felt it with anybody else It feels like you are here with me in my heart, my blood and my pulse Whenever I feel sad, I just close my eyes And ask my heart, that would you come and take me high I want to make this fantasy a part of my presence Cause you are the most pure and sweet essence I still believe that one day these dreams gonna find a way to be real And then I would find my path to you and then I would relive There would be dawn of a new conscience to finally be with you And then I would be able to hug you without any clues Then, time would be feeling jealous that we’re together And happiness would suppress the sorrows forever May be this is just on my mind as nobody knows the future But it’s my deepest wish that this broken string finds a way to nurture That our hearts collide, and burn being the brightest fire Cause my love, there’s a heart which burn under your desires If for once I be with you then you would be never alone As much as time plays pranks against us but it would be gone We would climb up the stairs to the divine heaven And then I won’t fake this smile because we would be one Well in the end I just wish that these dreams come to be true And baby these heart beats only for you cause I love you without any clue