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I love Inuyasha Sit Boy gifs the most. Thanks @poojas for this challenge of getting to choose the funniest gif! These gifs show the true power Kagome has over Inuyasha, the more angry she is the deeper he will be in the ground! Even when Sango tries to scare him by saying "Sit Boy" and to see if it would work but it has no effect, she just scares Inuyasha and it's still funny.
This is my two 2nd favorite gifs from the 2nd ending song of Uta No Prince Sama! They always make me laugh! I can't wait for tomorrow's "Trivia Tuesday" @poojas! Make it good!!!
Ahhh, nice gifs @biancadanica98. I feel like I would really enjoy Inuyasha! Those gifs are hilarious XD
@poojas Thanks they are hilarious
I love the sit boy from Inuyasha!
@chandnip804 It's the best power!