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I just couldn't pass up this awesome gold spray paint project. Love the look of glass and gold. Something about it just makes me feel chic and sophisticated, even if I am being lazy about the house. One can pretend, right?!

Supplies Needed:

– container/jar
– paper
– pencil
– scissors
– Washi tape
– spray paint
Step 1: Trace the bottom of your container onto a scrap piece of paper.
Step 2: Cut out the tracing.
Step 3: Tape a vertical strip of Washi tape down the side of the container, making it long enough to overlap the top edge of the container and the bottom of the paper.
Step 4: Do this all around the container,using an extra piece of Washi tape as a spacer in between.
You can stop here with the tape if you want to keep to a simple striped design.
Step 5: To create a dashed line design, use thinner tape to go around the container in rows.
Step 6: Turn the container upside down and spray paint several light coats with one minute of drying in between until opaque.
Step 7: Remove all the tape and let dry for at least an hour before handling.
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