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I just finished the drama Who Are You 2015,and it was amazing, but I need to watch another one. Here is a list if ones I've already seen: Dramas: Movies: Jewel Bibimbap 200 pounds of beauty The heirs The commitment School 2013 71 into the fire White Christmas Confession 2014 What happens to my family Pinocchio I miss you Doctor Stranger Princess Hours ands lots more these were just to give you an idea of what I watch!!
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@RobertMarsh I second that. I loved that one.
Most of these are relative new and the classics. I highly recommend all this titles Birth of a Beauty The scholar who walks the night Oh my Ghostess my love from another star healer sensory couple flower boy ramen shop bride of the century producers sungkyunkwan scandal emergency couple secret garden high school love on Gu Family Book it's ok, that's love nice guy Sweden laundry Shut up flower boy band modern farmer Mr. Baek
@RemeSar yep y p ur right my mom already rewatched all of them
You're All Surrounded I Can Hear Your Voice (Lee jong suk is in this one) The Girl Who Sees Smells are all really good and not I'm not sure if you like mystery/crime dramas but Gap Dong is really good (it has Lee Joon in it). It is what got me hooked to kdrama :)
Omg I loved 200 pounds of beauty! I have watched it several times!