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Today was the first day of classes for a lot of Universities around the country and everyone is asking themself the same question, "Can I do this?"
Uh, duh. Of course you can. Here's how:

1. Establish an overall goal:

People get lost when they have too much to do. Set a big, vague, ultimate goal like "I want to get my degree" and use every semester as a jumping off point to that goal. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just work every day.

2. Get organized:

Yeah, yeah easier said than done, but organization is key to dominating your college years.Even if it's just having separate notebooks for classes, the least bit of organization will fast track you to success. Work hard to keep your notes classy, your books in order and try not to forget a bunch of stuff in your dorm room during classes. A little bit of consciousness will go a long way.

3. Establish your support system:

Friends are thing that will get you through when nothing else will and you must keep them close. You will not get through college without your buddies, and they will become your support system. When life gets dicey and your family isn't around, your friends will come through. Make friends in your classes, your dorm or at events on campus.

4. Get ahead of your schedule:

The first thing yo need to do each semester is SEE OUR ADVISERS. They will put you on the right track as far as your graduation goes. They can help you pick the right classes and also make you avoid the senior year panic of "SHIT I'm not going to finish my degree!" Make friends with your advisers and make the academic track work for you, not against you.

5. Balance work and play:

Partying is amazing, and so is doing well in school. Learn through trial and error what balance works for you. Try to only party on the weekends at first, and then if you're kicking ass in school, add some more fun. Do not sell yourself short on all of the wonders of college, but make sure that you are aware of your studies too. This is going to involve a lot of screw ups, but hey...that's the best part!
@TessStevens i hate helping with math lol in at the point where he knows more than i do xD
@buddyesd hahahahaha yeah my brother asked me for help with homework and I was like...uh. No.
@TessStevens the good thing is a lot fewer lines to stand in now lol
@buddyesd oh yeah, it's my first year out of school and I'm like...relieved haha but I'm sure I'll miss it somewhere down the line
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