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In LOVE with this cute ribbon chandelier project! Recently, if you remember, I shared a card about how to create a cute butterfly chandelier. You can see it here. In the meantime, let your creativity take flight as you raid your scrap ribbon supply! If you're like me then you have tons of scrap ribbons and laces laying around!

Supplies Needed:

~ 60 poly non-wired fabric ribbon pieces (cut to 42″ lengths)
~ 14″ wooden embroidery hoop
~ Yarn in rainbow colors
~ Pom-pom makers
~ Good scissors
Lay out the ribbon and begin tying them onto the hoop. Work in a straight line or haphazardly--doesn't matter.
Using a pop-pom maker, make a bunch of rainbow colored pop poms. If you're not sure how to make them, you can easily pick up a pop-pom maker at Michael's or you can click here to learn how to make them using a fork and some yarn!
I hope you liked this cute (and very easy) craft project. As you can see, even the kids can make this with no problem. Have a great back-to-school and Fall season! Click here for more cute projects that I know you're going to love!