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@warjeensuleiman I loved My love from another Star! It's a bit different than the typical kdrama. You said you already saw Heirs so I'll skip that one. City Hunter I liked this and this one is actually from a manga. A bit different but oh well. If your a fan of SHINee Minho then you'll enjoy To the Beautiful You. It's the Korean version of a, I believe, Chinese one. Which I can't remember the name of. I haven't watched the other two yet. So I can't give any info on them. Sorry. I have only seen a few episodes of Strong Heart but I enjoy it. The Kpop or Kdrama or Kmovie or Comedians go on and tell a sincere heartfelt story about what has happened to them. Not sure if that is something you would like.
I haven't watched any of these except for Manny. It's alright the lead actresses character gets on my nerves though. The acting is alright. This was actually the first Kdrama I ever watched. Also try Shut up Flower Boy Band. It has Infinite's L in it! He is fairly talented and working his way up in the business.
I recommend Coffee Shop Prince. It's funny and has romance. That's all for right now. Hope this helps. Enjoy the shows and or movies that you find. \^_^/
@katiems seriously, i marathoned that in 3 days. SO GOOD.
I was walking throug the West Mall in Japantown and saw a Kim Soo-hyun poster advertising some skincare lotion, and I was thinking, "Oh my gosh!!! He's from My Love From Another Star, my favorite!!! β™‘β™‘"
my love from another is star is a must watch πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
"Love Rain" is soo cute!!! Also check out "Bride of the Century" with Lee Hong-gi. "Flower Boy Next Door" was cute too. I just adore Park Shin Hye!!!! I just saw the taiwanese versions of "You're Beautiful" titled "Fabulous Boys" and it was not too bad. Also if you are a fan of Infinite "High School - Love On" is a absolute must but a box of tissues may be needed.
I love Switch Girl! It is the most hilarious drama I've ever seen.