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Now that school is starting, here's a cute way for teachers to make prize ribbons using colored paper. They're fun to make. Easy to do. And won't cost hardly anything! Parents can make these too to celebrate their kids' success in their accomplishments!

Supplies Needed:

paper (scrapbook paper works well!)
bone folder
craft knife or scissors
glue gun
Step 1: Cut the paper to about 3" x 7". Fold it accordian-style about 1/2 inch.
Step 2: Cut a fun pattern on one side to give it a shape (like a scallop or point).
Step 3: Cut out a circle.
Step 4: Sticky vinyl letters work great for the center. Just peel and stick.
Step 5: Cut two strips of paper about 1.5″ wide and as long as you can and glue to the back of the rosette.
Make a bunch of these as you can create an entire collection of these achievements that would look great cluttering the fridge or in an entry way! Click here for more cute projects you gotta do this Fall!