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Oh Snap! Delena's Back?
Before Selena and Taylor, it was Delena. Demi + Selena. I never found out the reason why the grew apart. Maybe it was age or interest but I miss seeing the two of them together. I practically grew up with them through Barney and Friends and Disney channel.

I was so happy when Selena twitted Demi a birthday message:

And Demi responded back! #nomatterwhat #forever!!!!

So, what do you think?

It would be so amazing if they can have a PPP#2!

This line from their duet "One and the Same" is exactly how I feel about their friendship:

And it may seem cliche
For me to wanna say
That you're not alone
And you can call me uncool
But it's a simple fact
I still got your back

Remember their silly dance?

And their Vlog bloopers?

Selena misses Demi! And we've been missing Delena!

Anyone with me?
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