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For the foodies out there that will be celebrating marriage, here's a great idea to make the wedding reception unique and all your own: Farm fresh designs!
This may not be what you're used to seeing, which is a banquet hall decked with 72-inch round tables towering with trumpet glass vases, festooned with the most glamorous blooms of the season. However, if you're a foodie and you're guests are just as gastro-inclined as you, then you'll want to make that a showpiece to your wedding.
Don't try to be or do something that doesn't rightly represent your style. Make it all your own. There are no rulebooks out there that insist on roundy-moundy centerpieces.
The folks at Paula LeDuc put together these stunning trays of budding gardens lush with carrots, onions, brussels sprouts, et al. It's very much a locally-sourced, sustainable-eating type vibe. If that's your thing, be sure to mention it to your wedding planner. Show them this picture as a source of inspiration.
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